Happiness and energy enjoy a complex relationship. It’s a fact that happy people are more motivated than unhappy people and that with happiness comes passion and that also creates energy. If you’re not happy with something you’re doing or a relationship that is abusive or doesn’t work anymore, it may be time to assess what effect it’s having on your life. Happiness is difficult to come by, but especially so if an important link in the chain of happiness is broken.

Have you ever noticed how energetic you become when everything is working out for you? Perhaps you got the job or promotion you always wanted – or realized true business success. Or maybe you fell in love for the first time. Your energy level seems boundless when you’re happy and your outlook on life is bright. When you aren’t happy, you likely notice that your energy levels wane and you become less productive.

Just the very act of pursuing happiness can calm you down and help you feel more in control of your life. If you’re feeling “down” and not up to doing anything, that’s the best time to get up and engage in some type of activity you enjoy. During certain activities, such as exercise – or anything that gets your heart rate up – endorphins are produced in the brain. These bring an energy you won’t have if you live a sedentary life.

Psychological factors also affect your happiness and energy levels. If you’re not happy, you’re thinking negative thoughts and that can bring you down just as if you had a debilitating illness. It’s important that you learn to control the negativity in your life and how it might be affecting your energy and productivity. There are ways such as meditation and biofeedback methods which can help immediately replace those negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones.

Motivation is so closely linked with happiness that businesses are making more of an effort to make employees happy by providing bright offices and a more relaxed atmosphere. Some companies let employees bring their pets to work, which provides a level of happiness not usually found in the workplace. Your energy level is affected by many factors of your lifestyle – including happiness — but you’ve also got to pursue happiness by making sure you’ve got the “happiness boxes” checked off.

Your health, diet, exercise, spiritual and mental health, relationships and environment are all meant to make you feel happy so that you enjoy the energy level you desire. If notArticle Submission, it’s time to reassess those areas of your life.

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