Cardio Helper with Resveratrol, Hawthorne, Horse Chestnut and Grape Seed Extract for Blood Pressure, Fluid Retention, and Varicose Veins


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Cardio Helper is our premier nutritional formula to support circulation, strengthen the cardiovascular system, and promote healthy fluid balance especially in legs. It contains the highest quality forms of resveratrol, grape seed extract, hawthorn berry, and horse chestnut.*Cardio Helper is designed to support healthy function of the cardiovascular system while at the same time protecting and strengthening the heart. By enhancing circulation, oxygen is more readily transported and made available to cells. This supports healthy blood pressure and effective delivery of nutrition to cells.*Resveratrol is found in some red wines and is believed to be a key reason for the French paradox, wherein a higher level of saturated fat is consumed and heart health is maintained. Research shows that resveratrol protects against some metabolic stressors associated with a high fat diet.* Just one capsule of Cardio Helper provides the resveratrol equivalent found in 40 bottles of red wine!We use a very high quality grape seed extract that has a high concentration of active polyphenols with significant antioxidant properties.Hawthorn berries interact in a variety of ways in the circulatory system supporting the pumping action of the heart, heart rhythms, heart rate, and platelet function.* Hawthorn berry is an impressive fruit extract for cardiovascular support.*Horse chestnut extract works in multiple ways to support the health of your capillaries and veins. It is a direct tonic substance for veins and valves, a source of nourishment that enhances their structure. It has been shown to close small gaps in veins that allow fluid leakage that contributes to edema. In addition to its structural support for veins and valves it has a regulating function relating to both capillaries and veins that involves ion channels and the flow of calcium in particular.

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Improves Circulation and Reduces Fluid Retention in Legs*
Great for Exercise! Improves oxygen utilization and circulation*
Features Ultra Pure Resveratrol, Hawthorne Berry, Horsechestnut and Grape Seed Extract
Supports healthy blood pressure function and strengthens veins*

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