Energy Booster – A Safe and Healthy Way to Increase Your Overall Energy, Focus and Performance!


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Energy Booster was designed with a unique blend of ingredients to focus on four energy-boosting strategies:

  • Maximize the strength of your cells’ mitochondria – Known as the “cells’ powerhouse,” the mitochondria are responsible for producing the majority of your energy through the conversion of food into useable energy.
  • Raise your metabolic rate – Metabolic rate is the speed at which chemical reactions occur in your body. Since chemical reactions are required to make energy, raising your metabolic rate is scientifically proven to increase your energy levels.
  • Protect your cells from damage – Antioxidants defend against free radicals that could damage cells and hinder their energy production.
  • Strengthen your immune system – Especially important after fighting off a cold or virus, a depressed immune system can drain your body of energy.

Energy Booster contains all natural vitamins, amino acids and herbs to increase your energy and endurance, packing all four energy-boosting strategies in each tablet.
Extra Bonus: If taken daily, Energy Booster can increase your long-term energy levels, cellular health and immune system.

Provides a fast-acting, long-lasting energy boost – feel energized and focused for hours
All Natural – just vitamins, amino acids and natural herbs
Healthier for you – with none of the sugar, bad taste, nasty jitters, or crashes associated with energy drinks or shots
Less than 30 cents per serving – way less expensive than energy shots or drinks. 90 servings per bottle
Aids in weight loss – Increases your metabolic rate so you will burn more calories even while sitting at your desk.

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