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Glucobetic is a cutting-edge product that incorporates the latest research in its formulation and development to regulate and retain normal blood sugar levels. Glucobetic brings together a unique blend of 11 scientifically supported herbs, minerals, and botanicals that help retain healthy blood sugar levels. Glucobetic has a customer satisfaction rate of 98.2%. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract – Powerful herbal agent for regulating normal blood sugar. Vanadyl Sulfate – The top mineral to optimize normal insulin sensitivity. Bitter Melon Extract – Tropical botanical that supports normal glucose transport. Chromium GTF – Supports the power of insulin to process sugar. Bilberry Extract – Potent antioxidant with flavonols to support healthy blood vessels. Fenugreek Extract – Contains a specialized soluble fiber to support stable glucose absorption. Cinnamon Extract – Studied by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture for its effects on insulin signaling and glucose transport. Jambolan – An Ayurvedic botanical traditionally used to balance normal blood sugar levels. Pterocarpus Marsupium – Supports normal glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Gulvel – Regulates the normal process of glucose conversion by the liver. Zinc – Vital mineral used by the pancreas to produce insulin.

The Natural Way to Retain NORMAL Blood Sugar Levels. Aids Normal Glucose Transport.
Supports Efficient Glucose Utilization. Natural Food Supplement Based on Cutting-Edge Research
Blood sugar levels kept in the normal range allow the body to function with sustained energy.
Helps keep food cravings at bay, supports even moods, mental clarity, and optimal immunity.

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