Hard Wax Beans 21oz (6 Bags + Pre & After Spray + Spatulas)


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The Ultimate Professional Waxing Bean Kit – with PREMIUM European Wax, MORE Waxing Beans, MORE Applicators, and BONUS Before & After Wax Spray

We know home waxing can be a gamble –low quality waxes can be difficult to work with, leaving skin irritated & inflamed for days afterward and often delivering nothing more than a patchy waxing job for all your hard work.

We’ve formulated our FDA-approved European hard wax with natural ingredients that are gentle to wax hair even on sensitive skin, minimizing irritation & inflammation. Unlike many home wax brands, whose wax melts only at high temperatures that make them brittle & results in difficult, uneven waxing, our wax formula has a uniquely low melting point, so it stays pliable and is easier to work with for a more thorough wax. You’ll get a smoother application that glides easier on the skin than most other waxes.

While the typical wax beans kit contains only 4 or 5 packs of depilatory wax beans and an average of 10 waxing sticks, the Tress Wellness Wax Kit includes:

-6 packs of premium European hard wax beans (3.5 oz each) in 5 scents: 2 lavender, 1 peppermint, 1 lemon, 1 tea tree & 1 eucalyptus

-20 wax applicators

– 100ml Pre-wax spray to cool & prep skin for waxing, removing all oils, bacteria & deodorant

-100ml Post-wax spray to calm & soothe waxed skin and remove wax residue

Our self waxing kit for women & men is ideal paired with our Warmer Kit, to tackle face hair growth, arms, eyebrow, leg wax, bikini wax & body wax!

At Tress Wellness, our goal is to empower customers to achieve smooth, flawless skin with professional wax tool kits & wax accessories. Our hair remover wax is made to be the best quality home hot wax hair removal kit. If you don’t love your hair wax kit or hair wax beads, please contact us directly.

✅ NO MORE PAINFULLY HOT WAX! We’ve heard many stories of low-grade home waxes that have to be torn off in chunks, for a painful, patchy wax. We formulated our wax to have a uniquely low melting point, so it’s pliable, easy to handle & thorough.
✅ NO MORE PROLONGED IRRITATION! Unlike the average hard wax kit that leaves skin irritated for days, our wax beans minimize irritation with natural ingredients. This unique kit includes our signature pre wax spray to prep skin & post wax remover spray to soothe.
✅EASY TO APPLY! Non professional home waxing kit quickly becomes frustrating. Our hair removal wax glides easier on the skin than most waxing beads for waxing hair, delivering better results with less stress!
✅THE KIT INCLUDES 6 WAX BEAN BAGS 3.5oz EACH, 3.4oz Pre Wax Spray, 3.4oz After Wax Spray, 20 large spatulas, 10 small spatulas. Scents for bean bags are – 2 lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree peppermint. All 100% natural and non toxic. Perfect for for brazilian, bikini line, leg & spa wax!
✅WE PROMISE SMOOTH SKIN OR GET 100% MONEY BACK! Achieve smooth skin with our pro wax removal kit. if you don’t love our painless waxing kit for women & men, contact us directly & we’ll make it right.

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