La Sienne Luxurious Firming & Lifting Serum (With Caviar Extract)


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“Luxurious Firming & Lifting Serum”It is an intensive and luxurious approach to a younger, Healthier skin. It contains a true Caviar extract rich in soluble protein and amino acids as well as minerals and water soluble vitamins. All these provide exceptional skin rehydration, Remineralizing effect and skin regenerative action.Recently use of Caviar has become a luxurious necessity for beautiful woman around the world. This formula is the most intensive and luxurious approach to a younger and healthier skin. This serum provided the most effective firming and hydrating effect ever experienced in skin care production. This advanced, Concentrated area therapy is formulated for all skin types. It helps speed up the natural production of collagen and in time helps plump up and thickens the skin giving it a younger, Firmer and healthier appearance. With the help of antioxidants and vitamins this product will help you look younger and more vibrant. Caviars ability to plump up wrinkled or saggy skin area is amazing. The natural marine collagen is a great natural production of collagen substitute. Human cells are very similar to caviar cells which explain the quick gratification and results you will see on your face.Caviar serum is great for all skin types, Which makes this a great universal product for all men and woman.Some ingredients that make this line stand above the rest:* Caviar from the Caspian sea* Marine collagen* Vitamins* Antioxidants

La Sienne, A scientific approach to Beauty and Anti-Aging for the ultimate luxury in skincare.
Discover the science of beauty from inside out and enhance your natural beauty with La Sienne skin care program.
La Sienne, A unique skin care, Was developed to give your skin a more youthful, Vibrant and healthy appearance.
Exclusively by: La Sienne Division, MADE IN USA, “Your satisfaction is our goal.”

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