Natural Wellness Super Probiotics – 10 Billion Viable Cells Per Serving- 30 Day Supply


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Super Probiotics has 5 billion living cells per capsule. This makes it a very powerful and high-potency formula. Super Probiotics helps to quickly restore healthy levels of beneficial bacteria in the stomach and intestines. It can effectively alleviate and prevent serious gastrointestinal and immune conditions and/or help support long-term intestinal health, in both the small and large intestines.

The 8 probiotic strains in this formula support gastrointestinal and immune health, and they have the ability to adjust to extreme changes in environment (i.e. pH, temperature). This ensures that these probiotics can remain active in places like your stomach, which is very acidic, so that they can successfully travel to your intestines where they are most needed. It also means that no bacteria is lost during manufacturing and that they can withstand temperatures during delivery and in your home.

Once established, a normal, healthy intestinal microflora helps to create an environment that is unsuitable for the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

This supplement is made using Bio-enhanced Acid Resistant Strains (BEARS), making it able to withstand the acidic conditions in the stomach during digestion and remain active in both low and high pH environments, without the need for a protective coating. Multi-Probiotic is manufactured with a patented poly matrix preservation system, so there is no need for refrigeration.

The prebiotic blend consists of FOS (food source for probiotics) and FiberAid, a natural, patented prebiotic from Lonza that helps support the growth of probiotics.

Supports gastrointestinal and immune health. Protects against disease causing bacteria and increases beneficial bacteria
Keeps the digestive system running smoothly to reduce digestive upset, occasional diarrhea, gas and bloating
Gives your body the boost it needs to process foods more effectively, getting more nutrients to your liver and your entire body
Blended with prebiotics: when probiotics and prebiotics are used in conjunction there is more of a chance for the survival of beneficial bacteria, as prebiotics are essentially food for probiotics
Made with non-GMO ingredients

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