ProTherapies Protein Bar 15g – Low Carb High-Protein Weight Loss Snack Bar for Healthy Diets, Caramel Nut, 7 Count


Product Description

Size:Caramel Nut

Our dietary protein bars are great tasting snack bars packed with healthy protein, its a great source of fiber, and loaded essential
revitalizing energy. Robust with wholesome nutrition this dietary supplement promotes natural weight loss and cholesterol levels
from its low carb and low sugar content.

Benefits of Adding Protein Bars to Your Weight Loss and Fitness Routine:

✅ Increased energy – Protein is essential for sustaining energy to keep you going all day long.
      With increased calorie burning, it assists your metabolic rate by preserving lean muscle.

✅ Keep satisfied between meals and make a healthy choice! Healthy protein bars for weight loss.
      This low carb meal substitute helps alleviate food cravings and helps burn body fat by promoting lean muscle

✅ A Tasty Snack – Perfect for all day snaking, offering you a healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth

✅ Low Sugar / Gluten Free – Loaded with nutritional goodness that supports healthy blood sugar levels

✅ Diet Supplement – High in protein and fiber and works great with your weight loss regement

✅ Post Workout – Revitalize and replenish tired muscles and energy levels after a hard workout

✅ Improve your Athletic Performance – Boosts stamina and performance levels so you can bring on your best game

How you feed and nourish your body can make a difference. If you are a body builder, looking to improve your athletic
performance, trying to lose some extra pounds, or just into treating your body good, these bars are great way to enjoy
a healthy lifestyle. Diet the right way! Add these tasty and highly nutritional protein bars to your daily routine today.

HIGH PROTEIN/ LOW SUGAR – Packed with 15 grams of protein and essential fiber, this low carb snack-bar promotes healthy cholesterol, blood and sugar levels
DIETARY SUPPLEMENT / MEAL REPLACEMENT – Great for portion control, pairing with any weight loss routine it promotes healthy weight reduction without losing essential nutrition
HIGH ENERGY BARS – Get energized the healthy way with these low calorie diet weight loss protein bars, keeps you moving all day
TASTEY AND NUTRITIOUS – Great for snacking! Satisfy your taste buds with a pure, delicious burst of our wholesome caramel nut flavor. This low calorie, cholesterol free snack is available in an assortment of flavors
ACTIVE BODIES – Fuel your busy lifestyle. Great for active men and women, these nutritional protein bars support lean muscle growth, and are perfect for up-beat personalities

Additional information

Product Dimensions

7 x 4 x 2 inches

Shipping Weight

12.8 ounces ()






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